Art on the cheap

Art can be messy, it can be fun, but it doesn’t have to be expensive! Here are some ideas for keeping costs down while still having great art experiences for your children.

  • Buy paint in primary colors, plus black and white. When your children want to paint, let them mix colors to create just the shade they want. Store leftover paint in air-tight containers. I like to reuse jars for this.
  • Buy paintbrushes in the bulk bargain pack for artists sold at art stores. This will give your child lots of options in choosing a brush without having to buy them separately, saving costs while still expanding their artistic horizons.
  • Save scraps of fabric, ribbons, and buttons to add dimension and fun to works of art. You can also use bits of aluminum foil, wax paper, or Saran Wrap. Keep a shoebox just for scraps to keep the clutter potential under control.
  • Study the works of famous artists and use them as inspiration. A quick search on Google images for the artist’s name will bring up tons of pictures of their art. I highly recommend doing this on your own first, though, to ensure that the images are appropriate for your child.
  • There are many how to draw books available at the library. Pick one that is appropriate for kids, like Ed Emberely.

This is just the beginning of ideas for enriching your child’s art education at home. Have fun and be creative!


7 thoughts on “Art on the cheap

  1. I am really fond of art but often stop myself because it really costs too much. With these ideas I can surely continue with my art work.

  2. One thing I would add to your great list is to have a homemade clay recipe on hand that uses common household ingredients. So much cheaper than store bought clay…

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